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Parliamentarians during the whole year are working on giving MTPL legal status. Considering the law-in-draft "On compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners", it was decided to remain in the second reading mode. The outcome of the discussion on the different venues of the issue began to provisions that satisfied both lawmakers and law enforcers. According to the law-in-draft auto insurance in the republic can deal with not only the state-owned company, but all the firms, insurers, indicating that the development of competition in this sphere. Parliamentarians have also developed a number of benefits that will be required for defenders of Pridnestrovie, seniors and people with disabilities. In addition, the discount will be given to car owners for accident-free driving.

A compromise on all the most important points was found, it caused controversy amendment to the Government. Parliamentarians emphasized that despite the fact that work on a legislative initiative was carried out during the year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the amendment has been proposed only in December. Its essence acted under the mechanism prescribed in the sub-legal level.

Representatives of insurance companies support the legislators. As a result, members of the relevant committee recommended the deputies to adopt the law-in-draft in the version proposed by parliamentarians.

The adoption of this law-in-draft would require changes in other legislation. Therefore, the law-in-draft "On compulsory MTPL insurance" plan to consider it in the third reading. In case of sign of the President the legitimate auto insurance in the republic will be operational as early as next year.