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Комитет по вопросам АПК, транспорту, строительству, природным ресурсам и экологии


In the course of the meeting of the Committee on issues of agriculture, transport, construction, natural resources and ecology, deputies considered amendments and addendum to the Code of Administrative Offenses. They are designed to increase the effectiveness of the fight against quarantine, especially dangerous pests of plants, pathogens of plant diseases, weed plants. The document proposes to expand the list of services that will carry out control activities.

The deputies supported this law-in-draft and will recommend to adopt it at the plenary session in the second reading.

The deputies of the Committee supported the amendments of the Land Code in terms of bringing its norms in line with the norms of the Civil Code and the law "On Mortgage". The changes are proposed in order to optimize the procedure for transferring pledged land plots that are in common share use.

In addition, at the meeting of the Committee, amendments to the law “On Land Payments” were reviewed and supported. The law-in-draft determines that land under construction, reconstructed objects within the normative periods of construction or reconstruction provided for by an appropriate permit are not subject to taxation. In the opinion of deputies of the profile committee who are the developers of the law-in-draft, their proposals will make it possible to specify the mechanism for granting benefits through a clear definition of the document authorizing the use of tax preferences.

The deputies supported amendments to the law “On Environmental Protection” in terms of improving the quality of services provided by organizations collecting and transporting solid household waste, as well as increasing the level of effectiveness of state environmental safety policies. This legislative initiative was developed by a group of deputies.

In addition, it is proposed to direct the money of the Ecological Fund to liquidate unauthorized dumps, cut down emergency trees, take care of greenery and water them, and then transfer to the balance of specialized organizations that are state or municipal property.

The deputies of the Committee decided to offer the session to adopt this law-in-draft in the first, and if there is no objection, then immediately and in the second reading.