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Deputies propose to increase the amount of pensions for some categories of citizens

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The Supreme Council often receives applications from citizens with a request to increase the amount of pensions for those who have a long record of work, but the wages during the working period were low. This applies in particular to technical personnel. A group of parliamentarians decided to amend the law "On state pension provision of citizens in the PMR". The essence of the law-in-draft is to change the formula for calculating the labor pension by establishing an additional amount for each year of total length of service that exceeds the required one. According to the current legislation, the total length of service for women should be 20 years, for men - 25. If the total length of service is higher than this figure, then for additional years of work the state will add additional amounts to the pension. How much will depend on the budget of the pension fund and the budget of the social insurance fund, explained the head of the profile committee Sergei Cheban. According to the parliamentarian, the state will need to additionally find several million rubles for these purposes.

The law-in-draft of the deputies is being prepared for consideration in the first reading at the plenary session of the Supreme Council. A mechanism for implementing the new norm of the law will be worked out by the second reading, taking into account the opinions of all subjects of the right of legislative initiative. It is planned to launch from 2021.