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To give an extra chance to entrants

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


The head of the parliamentary committee on education, science and culture, Mikhail Burla, acted as the author of the legislative initiative regulating the conduct of an additional set of entrants for their studies at the expense of the budget in the organizations of higher professional education that are not in demand in their professions. This, first of all, pedagogical and agrarian specialties. The law-in-draft was adopted by the Supreme Council in the first reading. The discussion in preparation for the second reading continued during the meeting of the responsible committee of the Supreme Council. It was preceded by a working meeting with the President, where other topics of the functioning of the republic's education system were raised along with this.

173 budget places remained unclaimed last year, as of August 1 (the end of the admission campaign). The participants during the meeting of the profile committee mentioned the massive departure of Pridnestrovian youth for higher education abroad.

According to the author of the law-in-draft on amending the law on the republican budget 2018, Mikhail Burla, those Pridnestrovian graduates who will not withstand entrance examinations in universities of foreign states and return to the republic will be able to enter budget vacancies due to their lack of demand for budget places. Those who served in the army are in this row, from which military personnel are dismissed usually after August 1. By this time the main stage of the admission campaign is already being completed (for comparison, in the Russian Federation, an additional set is conducted before September 1).

Participants of the meeting suppose that it is unacceptable to reduce the number of places on unpopular specialties (pedagogical and agrarian), as they are in demand on the labor market of Pridnestrovie, and applicants need to provide additional chances for admission to universities.