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Budget spending of priority sectors


The first item on the agenda of the meeting of the Supreme Council Committee on Social Policy, Health, Labor, Family and Childhood Issues was the law-in-draft “On the Republican Budget 2020”. People’s deputies gave priority, concentrating on the financing of such important sectors as health and social policy.

This year, the state allocated 5 million rubles for the program for the treatment and prevention of cancer, in the future 9 million is planned, the figures for tuberculosis are 10 and 12 million rubles, respectively. It is planned to increase funding for the treatment of Pridnestrovians outside the republic by 300 thousand rubles compared to the current year, it is planned to allocate 800 thousand more for prosthetics for privileged categories of the population. 8 million rubles more was proposed to finance the functioning of orphanages and other specialized institutions of social patronage. It is also proposed that from next year, pregnant women in maternity hospitals do not pay for tests and drugs for obstetric care.

The deputies of the Committee supported the intention of the supreme executive authority to allocate 14 million rubles next year, which are necessary for paying compensation to citizens on “burnt out” Soviet deposits - Sberbank’s application was 100% satisfied. Voters often raise these issues during meetings with deputies and receptions on personal issues.

They also discussed issues of improving the living standards of Pridnestrovians, their social security, painting the cost estimates of the capital investment fund for next year.

The deputies of the Committee supported the budget law-in-draft, noting that it was still a long and painstaking work on it for one purpose - the fulfillment by the state of social obligations to citizens, improving their well-being.