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Administrative barriers and disposal of solid waste


Deputies in the course of the meeting of the committee on state regional policy, considered law-in-draft providing for additions to the Code of Administrative Offenses. The author of the legislative initiative is Deputy Anton Onufrienko.

The appearance of the law-in-draft is due to the need to establish responsibility for the refusal of a specialized enterprise to conclude contracts for the provision of services for the collection and removal of municipal solid waste.

This law-in-draft establishes administrative responsibility for the unjustified refusal to conclude an agreement on the export of solid waste. The deputies of the committee supported this initiative, and will recommend to colleagues in the deputy corps to adopt the law-in-draft in the second reading.

In addition, at the meeting of the committee, law-in-draft was considered, that introduces amendments and additions to the law "On local public hearings in the administrative-territorial units of the PMR", proposed by a group of deputies. It enshrines the norm that it is not necessary to hold local public hearings on the construction and reconstruction of facilities.

Today, the rule of law is in force, according to which, if the state administration issues a permit for the construction of an object, one of the prerequisites for this procedure is the holding of public hearings regarding possible construction. However, the law does not specify who should participate in the hearings. This leads to the fact that the construction time is delayed.

Committee members supported this initiative. The Supreme Council will be recommended to adopt the law-in-draft in the final reading.