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A number of new legislations were considered in the Committee on Legislation.


The Legislative Committee held working meetings to consider legislations in the sphere of road safety and supervision of persons released from places of deprivation of liberty.


The Committee on Legislation considered amendments to the draft laws on the functions of the prosecutor's office and the institution of the conditional early release.


The vice-speaker of the parliament Galina Antyufeeva co-authored the legislative initiative to strengthen the responsibility for the unlawful refusal to accept or consider appeals from citizens.


Parliamentarians Galina Antyufeeva and Vitaly Kalin proposed to supplement the law regulating the right of citizens to freedom of movement.


Participants in the working group discussed amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure concerning the supervisory functions of the prosecutor's office.


Deputies of the Legislative Committee started the legislative work.


The Legislative Committee considered legislative initiatives of the President in the sphere of road safety.


Deputies of the Committee on Legislation considered a number of legislations.


This is the aim of the working group on the modernization of the Law "On the right of citizens of the PMR to freedom of movement, choice of place of residence and residence within the PMR".