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Theworking group designed to prepare the package of draft laws on migration topic for the second reading continues working.


The Working Group under the Legislation Committee continues to work in that way. Legislations, regulating the migration policy of the state are preparing for the second reading.


The Institute of inviolability, criminal liability for insulting government officials. These and other questions were the subject of consideration by the members of the parliamentary committee on legislation.


aims to settle the law-in-draft, the details of which were discussed at the meeting of the working group.


The Committee on Legislation Members returned to the discussion of the question of the admission of the head of the CEC to a state secret.


A member of the Committee on Legislation said that the National Security Concept must be approved by the Supreme Council.


The working group continues its work under the auspices of the Committee on Legislation to work on designed to regulate migration policy issues law-in-draft.


The Supreme Council discussed the amendments to the law-in-draft on the entry in Pridnestrovie and exit from the republic.


The first meeting of the working group on preparation of the migration package of legislations for the second reading was under the auspices of the Parliamentary Committee on Legislation.


The Committee on Legislation considered two dozen specialized initiatives.