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Legislations aimed at social support of citizens were discussed by deputies of the relevant committee.


Deputies of the Committee on Social Policy were in favor of the replacement of the national fleet of ambulances.


A number of considered during the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Social Policy legislations regarding the provision concerned pensions of citizens.


The Committee on Social Policy discussed the issues of health and retirement security of citizens.


The executive branch has made new efforts to persuade parliamentarians of the need to change the tax system.


Deputies are in favor of benefits preserving to pay utilities for the children of employees of the Interior, who died on duty.


Participants of the meeting discussed the initiative of the profile committee of the Prosecutor PMR, which proposes making changes to the law "On the burial and funeral business".


Committee on Social Policy, Health, Labour, Family and Children continues to work on improving anti-smoking legislation.


Participants of the meeting of the Committee on social police discussed proposed changes to laws on the funeral business and on state benefits to citizens with children.


Members of the relevant committee discussed the health care programs.