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The Deputies of the Committee on Social Policy and Healthcare considered IN the first reading the law-in-draft “On approval of the state target program “Prevention of viral hepatitis B and C in the PMR for 2021–2025”.


The Committee on Social Policy and Health considered a number of legislations related to state support for young professionals in the acquisition of housing and provision of benefits for military personnel who are donors.


The Supreme Council is preparing for adoption of the state program "Oncology: improving oncological care for the population of the PMR" for 2021-2025. The relevant committee has prepared the relevant law-in-draft for adoption in the first reading.


The Committee on Social Policy and Healthcare supported the law-in-draft aimed at supporting employees of organizations where sanitary and epidemiological control has been strengthened.


It is proposed to legislate the right to pharmaceutical companies to sell drugs remotely. The Social Policy Committee approved the government's initiative.


The Parliamentary Committee on Social Policy considered legislative initiatives that are designed to provide social guarantees to individual entrepreneurs and microenterprise workers.


Deputies considered a number of legislative initiatives of their colleagues at the meeting of the Committee on Social Policy. It was regarding provision of wheelchairs for elderly people, hearing aids for disabled persons of the III group and payment of compensation for car repairs to disabled war veterans.


Deputies propose to change the approach to calculating pension payments for pensioners who have long work experience, but during the working period they received low wages. The law-in-draft of a group of deputies of the Supreme Council was considered in the course of the meeting of the Committee on Social Policy.


The Committee on Social Policy in the second reading considered law-in-draft on amendments to the law "On the wages of public sector employees, monetary allowance for military personnel and persons equated to them under the terms of payment of monetary allowance, and the monetary content of state civil servants".


The Committee on Social Policy, Health Care, Labor, Family and Childhood Issues supported the initiative to ban the distribution of nicotine mixtures in our republic.

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