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70 amendments to the draft budget for 2020

Комитет по экономической политике, бюджету и финансам


The Government prescribed the basic macroeconomic indicators according to the forecast of socio-economic development of the republic for 2020 as the basis for calculating the draft budget, both its revenue and expenditure parts.

First Deputy Prime Minister of the Government Tatyana Kirova emphasized in the report that financing of education, healthcare and the social sphere still occupies a dominant share in the draft budget.

The draft budget 2020 is socially oriented. More than 70% of state treasury expenses are aimed at ensuring its socially protected items. From July 1 of next year, an increase in wages in the health care system is provided. We are talking about the medical staff of medical institutions. Next year, some types of medical diagnostics for socially unprotected sections of the population are included in budget expenditures. Funding for the purchase of housing for orphans will continue. The draft main financial document also reflects social support for certain categories of citizens: people with disabilities, combatants, defenders of Pridnestrovie. In addition, the costs of providing social support to families with children in socially vulnerable situations, as well as to those families that care for children with disabilities, will be financed. The draft budget includes an increase in the cost of purchasing medicines.

Subsidies are provided for cities and districts in order to develop and stimulate them. Next year, it is planned to provide material support to educational and sports organizations, equipping them with sports equipment and necessary equipment. Financing for the improvement of the territories of preschool educational institutions and schools will continue in 2020.

Tariffs for utilities will not change next year.

After a report of the main parameters of the draft republican budget for the next year, the deputies of the Committee considered more than 70 amendments. They arrived at this time from the subjects of the law of legislative initiative.

Deputies Petr Pasat and Andrei Safonov asked Government representatives why the next year the budget does not provide for an increase in wages for all public sector employees, as well as an increase in pension payments.

According to First Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Kirova, the current imbalances in the economy do not allow executive authorities to take on such obligations. A number of external risks remain in the medium term that may have a restraining effect on the development of industrial enterprises of the republic, which, in turn, will affect revenues to the budget revenues. At the same time, it is assumed that in 2020 budget parameters can be adjusted taking into account inflationary processes and the economic condition of the republic.

The draft republican budget for 2020 submitted by the Government in the first reading will be submitted to the deputies of the Supreme Council. The plenary session of the parliament will be held tomorrow - December 4.