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Alexander Korshunov, “The Supreme Council is the platform for making management decisions”


The main and only issue on the agenda of the meeting of the consultative assembly of the first Pridnestrovian deputies was the information of the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov on the activities of the highest legislative body of power and plans for legislative work in the near future.

It was necessary to recall the past to talk about the day today and tomorrow.

The head of the legislature told the founders of the republic about the adoption of a new version of the Customs Code (legislative innovations allowed to reduce the time for processing supplies for export up to four hours), reducing the tax burden on leading sectors of the Pridnestrovian economy, introducing new investment legislation for individual entrepreneurs. These measures allowed increasing production volumes and budget revenues. This means that the state could fully and without delay fulfill social obligations to citizens. Moreover, over the past 2.5 years, the state has additionally received social obligations for 147 million rubles.

Alexander Korshunov noted that the legislature is a basic platform for making managerial decisions, where one can argue, prove the rightness, giving balanced and weighty arguments.

As for the plans of the deputies, they intend to work on the draft Tax Code, since, according to the speaker, the legal basis of the republic, potential investors need a single codified document in the tax field.

The questions voiced by the members of the consultative assembly were, as they say, “from the people”. They were more interested in high prices for goods, first of all, food, the cost of paid services in the health care system, measures to give our economy an impetus to development, prospects for the creation of tourism infrastructure, the implementation of control functions by the Supreme Council, the demographic situation, etc.

In the resolution adopted following the discussion, the first Pridnestrovian deputies noted the need to strengthen state control over pricing, the use of agricultural land, the implementation of current legislation, the state order for the production and supply of products for state institutions, determine the fate of empty abandoned housebuildings, etc.