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Alexander Korshunov, "To develop a mechanism for increasing salaries and pensions"


The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky in the course of the expanded meeting on January 22 set tasks in his message for all bodies of state power and administration for 2021. Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov spoke about the priority areas of work that the Parliament will focus on this year:

“These are the control functions of the deputies, including the implementation and approbation of the law “On purchases in the PMR”. This is the control of the budget process, the formation of the budget for 2022, the timing of consideration of legislative initiatives, as well as citizens' appeals. The PMR President pays special attention to the issues of interaction of state administration bodies with citizens of our republic. Vadim Krasnoselsky drew attention in his message to the formation of the Budget Code. This document is relevant, since legislative acts on the budget process were adopted in the 90s of the last century. Today there is a need to create a codified act, which would lay down all the norms for the implementation and functioning of the budget process.

The President emphasized that it is necessary to take into account that a number of state programs continue to operate when planning for 2022. This is a program for the purchase of housing for orphans, a program for the payment of guaranteed deposits to our citizens and a number of others.

The Supreme Council and the Government in the sphere of social policy within the limits set in the 2021 budget will have to develop a mechanism for a phased increase in salaries and pensions. 160 million rubles was reserved, and within these limits we must develop a mechanism for increasing. A working group has already been created for this with representatives of the Supreme Council and the Government.

The PMR President focused on the issue of increasing the period for which monthly payments for childcare are made. Now mothers receive such a grant until the child is one and a half years old. The calculations and possibilities of our state budget will show by how much this period will be increased”.