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Alexander Korshunov: the useful experience


In the course of the visit of the Pridnestrovian delegation to the Belgorod region, we held meetings with the Chairman of the Belgorod Regional Duma Natalia Poluyanova, the Governor of the Belgorod Region Yevgeny Savchenko, the Head of the City of Belgorod, Yuri Galdun.

During the dialogue with the head of the Legislative Assembly of the Belgorod Region, we discussed the establishment of interaction between our legislative bodies. We are observing positive dynamics in the development of our relations, readiness for cooperation at the level of both parliamentary committees and specialists of the legislative bodies of the parties. This suggests that we can count on legal support, legal due diligence of legislations submitted to the Supreme Council.

Build roads like in Belgorod

Our delegation went to specialized organizations to study the experience of using new technologies, especially in road construction. It should be noted that the subjects of the Russian Federation have advanced far in various areas of life. Taking into account that the climatic conditions of the Belgorod region are approximately the same as the Pridnestrovian, the paving technologies that have been tested in the Belgorod region can also be used in Pridnestrovie. In this regard, a series of consultations were held with experts with my participation and the participation of the head of the state administration of Bendery Roman Ivanchenko. Indeed, the condition of the Belgorod roads is impressive. We are well aware that they achieved this quality largely due to the abandonment of old and the use of new technologies for the construction and repair of roads. Specialists are ready to share these recipes with us.

How to attract investors

One of the points of our visit was a visit to the Belgorod Technopark. It is a positive example of an investment platform, which personally demonstrates how to work with investors, what options for technological platforms need to be prepared in order for the investor to decide on the placement of assets in a particular territory. The experience of Russian colleagues in this regard is quite rich, the main thing is that it has already been put into practice. Naturally, if we use this experience on our soil, then obstacles will be avoided. Obtaining the knowledge and experience that was used in the Belgorod region will be very important for the PMR.

Urban infrastructure

During the visit to Belgorod, we got acquainted with the work of the local water utility. The city is large enough, it has its own specifics of water supply and sanitation, a new water disinfection system without the use of chlorine is operating. I think that with the help of Russian colleagues we will be able to use these technologies in our republic as well.

We also visited a specialized elevator service company. We observed new technologies, new developments in the field of elevator maintenance. It must be said that our elevator fleet is quite worn out. Today the urgent issue is the replacement of elevators in multi-storey apartment buildings. Due to the fact that the cost of elevators and the work to replace them is quite high, our citizens living in municipal, cooperative houses, houses of partnerships of homeowners are physically unable to solve this problem on their own because of its financial capacity. I think that it is necessary to form a separate state program for the replacement of elevators.

The high level of both the personnel potential of the managerial link of the Belgorod Region, and those innovations that were carried out by specialists by introducing a system for accounting for passenger transportation in public transport.

For more than 20 years, a regional program for the construction of individual housing has been implemented in the Belgorod region. During this time, a large number of young professionals living in the region received their own housing.

We intend to use many Belgorod developments from next year within the framework of the republican budget for 2020.

Practice, implementation mechanism, and difficulties encountered in the implementation of this program - all this will be adopted by us. There is accumulated experience, which means that it will be very useful for the implementation of the republican youth support program.