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Alexander Korshunov, “The state has no future without youth”


About the republican budget

The law on the republican budget is the main financial document of the republic. The management decisions made earlier allowed both to fulfill previous social obligations and take new ones - to increase the pensions and wages of state employees from 7 to 10% from this year.

Budget 2019 has its own characteristics. I will note the state program for the purchase of housing for orphaned children. The situation is complicated, 600 people are in the queue to get their own housing, which the orphans never had, and whose parents are the state. In the current year, more than 8 million rubles were allocated from the state treasury to purchase orphans. In previous years, they also received apartments in the property, but then sold them and left Pridnestrovie. Starting this year, the state will issue housing to orphans under social lease agreement. After certain time, they will receive housing in the property.

State program is being developed to provide affordable housing for young professionals. I hope we can launch it next year. The mechanism for the provision of housing for this category of citizens will be the same - through social contract of employment, followed by, after a certain period of time, transfer to ownership.

About funds

The weather conditions of autumn, winter, spring in our country are specific - during the day the temperature can vary from minus to plus and vice versa. Frequent cycling of the temperature regime leads to intensive destruction of the asphalt pavement. By increasing the financial limits of the Road Fund, we were able to bring the central roads to decent condition. Together with the government, parliamentarians are working to study the use of new technologies for the production of road works. I hope that gradually we will bring both courtyards and neighborhoods into proper form. We have a lot of complaints from citizens about this. I think that for these purposes next year we will be able to lay down certain monetary limits.

The fund for the execution of voter orders was formed for the first time in 2018. The budgeted funds are distributed proportionally to each of the 43 constituencies of the PMR. Last year, this amount amounted to 4.3 million rubles, in this - 8.6 million rubles. Similar programs are implemented in some cities of the republic in the electoral districts of local deputies. The money allocated from the budgets of various levels makes it possible to resolve a number of issues that are not resolved in the past, which voters put before people's representatives. These are problems affecting a large number of residents in the district. Feedback on their decision is positive.

On the support of farmers

A positive point, indicating the improvement of the situation in the agro-industrial complex, is that today there is no free land for allocation to farmers. Today, farming is becoming both profitable and honorable. Another issue is that most of the area in the republic is sown with crops that are easy to implement in foreign markets. At the same time, there is a shortage in a large number of agricultural positions in the domestic market. It is impossible to force an entrepreneur to grow certain crops, including at the legislative level, but yes, to encourage doing this. The state intends to support the sectors whose products are necessary for the population: vegetable growing, cultivation of stone fruits, heifers. This can be done through the provision of cheap and “long” credit resources, state subsidies, tax exemption on the uprooting of old gardens, etc.

About the new tax code

In terms of legislative activities - work on the draft Tax Code. For almost 29 years of the republic’s life, there was no such document in its legal base. Both local entrepreneurs and potential investors from abroad need a single codified tax document. At present, the legal basis for taxation is “scattered” according to different laws, which complicates the understanding of the current tax system by the business community and “frightens” investors.

About prices and their regulation

We have a republic with an open economy, imports exceed exports. Prices for imported goods are formed on the international market. If the purchase price increases, then the final cost of sales will increase. As prices rise for imported products, we are working on an import substitution program in order to produce most of what is necessary for buyers. At one time, the Supreme Council adopted the law in accordance with which the state has the right to limit the trade margin on the legally established list of socially important goods. This tool is used by the state today. In particular, a list of one hundred social drugs was approved, the cost of which is fixed at the same level throughout the country.

At the same time, if you too underestimate the trading margin on a particular socially significant product, then you can be without it. The economic entity will be unprofitable to import it into the republic. Unfortunately, while for the same product group, the republic provides itself with goods by only 20-30%. I am confident that with the development of our agricultural complex, this ratio will change in favor of local products.

In order to preserve the cost of milk, the state went on paying subsidies to its producers - 50 kopecks per liter in 2018 and 1 ruble this year. Last year, 3.6 million rubles was allocated from the budget for these purposes.

About the prospects of tourism

There is a special section dedicated to the development of tourism in the Development Strategy of the PMR until 2026. In recent years, significant financial resources have been invested in tourism infrastructure. Public authorities pay special attention to this area. The Supreme Council, in particular, adopted an appropriate state program. Previously, it was presented by the Government at various public venues. Tourism is one of the elements of our future economic potential. Every Pridnestrovian city, district has something to show tourists. The creation and promotion of "business cards" of cities and districts is the medium-term task of state administration bodies.

On the demographic situation and migration

According to the results of the last census, 475 thousand people live in Pridnestrovie. As of the beginning of 1990 there were 750 thousand people. If you do not change the approaches, do not change the youth policy, this negative trend will continue. The state has no future without youth. Based on this, we are building the work on social support for young professionals. Measures are being taken to keep them in the republic. By the way, one of the parliamentarians under consideration, the legislative initiative, proposes to increase the age at which a person is considered to be a young specialist, from 30 to 35 years.

The Government seriously focused on the development of education and health care. The element of the state order for training specialists is also very important. Now the Supreme Council is also discussing law-in-draft on the possibility of working off for a certain period by those who received education at the state expense, including outside the republic.

From the speech at the meeting of the deliberative meeting of the first Pridnestrovian deputies under the Chairman of the Supreme Council.